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Quando ci si allontana dal diritto tutto diventa incerto

Who I am

My name is Andrea Rossi, I carry out the profession of lawyer, having passed the qualifying examination in the Court of Appeal of Venice. I, also, awarded the academic title of Expert in Private Law at the University of Ferrara.

I graduate..


Early legal assistance in various areas of civil law, private, commercial law firm in Rovigo, but also in other Italian cities with a network of collaborators. I can also offer legal advice in criminal and labor law, including through the collaboration of esteemed and established professionals...


The law firm offers its availability to colleagues for legal domiciles at all judicial offices in the district of the Court of Rovigo, as indicated below:

Court of Rovigo - Court of Adria - Office of the Justice of the Peace of Rovigo - Office of the Justice of the Pea..