Early legal assistance in various areas of civil law, private, commercial law firm in Rovigo, but also in other Italian cities with a network of collaborators. I can also offer legal advice in criminal and labor law, including through the collaboration of esteemed and established professionals.

who-are-smallLo firm provides legal assistance to customers in the following phases:

-in a preliminary ruling or extrajudicial, providing legal opinions on specific questions posed by the customer; in the event of litigation or because already in place, looking possible legal solutions aimed at the fastest possible solution of the dispute;

-in mediation – conciliation ahead of the Ombudsman ‘mediation and conciliation body called to amicably resolve civil and commercial disputes, as provided for by Legislative Decree no. 28 of 4 March 2010 (as amended by Decree Law 21 June 2013 n. 69, known as “Decree of doing”, modified and converted into law August 9, 2013 n. 98). In other words, it makes available to the customer advice and legal assistance targeted to such proceedings;

-in through the courts, in civil cases with the customer service by the court, the Justice of the Peace or the Judiciary in general in order to obtain a solution to the problem or to litigation.

The Lawyer. Andrea Rossi registered in Rovigo carries legal activity providing legal advice, counseling and legal assistance primarily in the following areas:

Legal advice
Civil / Commercial
securities and real estate transactions
recovery of unpaid debts
compensation for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage (biological damage or health, pecuniary damage and other);
bankruptcy law
preparation and execution of contracts
consumer law
in proceedings or causes of separation and divorce, even consensual or joint
support administrations, disqualification or debarment
opposition to administrative sanctions and the highway code, driving under the influence;
R.C. of disputes Car and road traffic in general.

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